Monday, 21 March 2011

New jacket

So. I started painting the new jacket (Heavenly body) yesterday. I think this one is going to be trickier, as the text runs across the image. This means I have to paint the pin-up first and then paint the text over her. Wish me luck.

I applied the chalk to the back of the tracing paper and went around the bombs and pin up image. There must be a cleaner way to do this.

I filled in the mission bombs and put down a white base for the pin-up.

As with the other jackets, this one is dedicated to a crew who's plane had no name.
B17 43-38000 (91st BG 324 sqn) 2LT l Reese crew (for that mission) lost over Germany 16th Aug 1944. One survivor (tail gun).

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