Friday, 11 March 2011

New jacket soon

i found another A2 on ebay. This should be with me next week.
So I can make a start on either this one or the other next week.
Going to call it 'Heavenly body.'


  1. thanx for posting this blog. i have been planning to paint my jacket for some time...i work in a variety of mediums...would like to use one shot enamels because of their flow and ability to pull long lines but i'm afraid they may crack on a jacket. after reading your blog i may use acrylics. how have your jackets held up over time? thanks, and good work!

  2. Thanks very much for your comments.
    You are the first to post one!
    I sold Hellraiser to a motorcyclist.
    and so far so good. He is out in most weather and very happy with the jacket.
    You could paint a sealer over the artwork. Some craft/art shops sell this. I would try it on a scrap of leather first.

  3. I've just seen your excellent work on your website.
    You should nail this. would you send a picture of your jacket when it's done?