Thursday, 20 May 2010

Painting the pin-up

Using another trace of the artwork, white chalk was rubbed onto the back of the girl image.

Re-positioning the trace was done by placing the trace over the painted lettering to get the alignment right and then taped down.

I traced the outline of the pin-up and filled the area in with a white base paint.
This was done so the colour would be brighter. Also, it would show up the pencil trace mentioned in the next blog. The same could be done for the lettering.

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  1. Hello A2ART, I have recently joined this Blog, and I have been trying to contact you. Your work is incredible, and I am dying to learn how to do this. I am hoping I can speak with you to ask questions for guidance. I am awaiting an A2 that I bought on Ebay, and I am going to follow your lead, and do one up! Could you please communicate with me, my email address is, or my Google Account. Thank you, Romain