Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Find an image, get a name

A lot of war time nose art was referenced from Men's magazines such as Esquire, adverts, cartoons, or made up by the crews artist. I mentioned in the last/first post a website that had a lot of the pin-up style girls. You could always re-create an original artwork, such as 'Memphis Belle'. or 'Nine o Nine.'

I was on the 91st Bomb group site and i liked the name Incendiary Blonde. This was a plane that flew with the 322sqn. The girl image I found after looking on Google images.

So I had a name and an image. I found a hand drawn style font and messed around with the composition on my computer. When I was happy with it, I ran several copies out onto an A3 sheet of tracing paper. The jacket was clamped around a framed picture to keep it flat. Kitchen towel was put under the clamps so the jacket would not get marked, as it would have to stay that way for however long the painting took and that depends on how complex your design is. The Hellraiser one took a lot longer, due to the complexity of the font.

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