Monday, 8 April 2013

Hello again! Just wanted to point people in the right direction on the jacket painting. Please go to the blogs from 2010 for the step by step blogs. Also, i'm going to start on another jacket in the near future. Probably May. I have also been thinking about the website and content for it. So there will be more than just how to paint the jackets on it. I will also put up the final image of the 'Lady Luck,' jacket soon. A


  1. The blog is great!
    I am thinking about embarking on my own project for a vintage event coming up.
    I got a replica, probably 1970s or 1980s A2 style jacket that is pretty good. I think it could do with some conditioning to make it a little less tatty. If I used some wipe on conditioner is this going to make the painting of the jacket difficult?
    I suppose I can treat the area before painting, but I understand you should clear the area of chemicals before painting....
    Any advice gratefully received!

    1. Hi.
      Thanks for your kind words.
      In answer to your question, I use a small amount of washing up liquid with water on the leather. I just need to get rid of the grease that might be on there. Some jackets are treated like the 'Lady Luck' I painted and I had to go over it a few times. I know that there are dry cleaners who send leather jackets away for cleaning. Don't do this after painting though.
      What's the vintage event coming up?
      Good luck with the painting. Happy to answer any questions if you have them.
      It would be great to see a picture of the final artwork.